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Commercialization of Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP)

Sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), AEAI supported the development of SMEs in the energy sector by facilitating their growth as companies and promoting overall development of EE services in Armenia. AEAI conducted detailed market analyses of EE potential in various market segments; prepared business models for the most viable market segments for SMEs to develop bankable projects; designed models for analyzing creditworthiness of EE projects and technologies in specific sectors; trained and educated local financial institutions on EE projects and met with SMEs to present projects and attract lender interest; and conducted outreach activities to increase public awareness of the benefits of EE technologies. 

"The project was instrumental in strengthening capacities of ESCOs, especially their competencies in application of new technologies, and understanding the basics of implementing EE projects. The Program generated significant leverage to USG funding, with the social objects contributing 50% of the costs.”

- (USAID/Armenia, Final Contractor Performance Assessment Report, Commercialization of Energy Efficiency Program/CEEP), 4/10/12

To facilitate private provision of long-term financing, AEAI helped create a Development Credit Authority aimed at supporting EE projects. AEAI also implemented socially oriented EE projects in hospitals, kindergartens, special schools, and other social welfare and health institutions. Over a three-year period, AEAI helped 10 projects receive total financing of US$2.7 million, assisted 23 enterprises, and completed 25 socially oriented projects. As a result of the EE initiatives, an estimated 1.98 GWh of electricity was saved.

Marie L. Yovanovitch, US Ambassador, at official close-out ceremony of CHP installation project at Arabkir Medical Center, sponsored through the USAID/Armenia CEEP.
(Photo by CEEP staff, February 2010)

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Under the USAID/Armenia sponsored CEEP program, solar PV panels were installed at the Mkhitar Sebastasi Art School, Armenia. (Photo by CEEP staff, 2008)

USAID/Armenia-sponsored CEEP: Energy service companies trained for EE and renewable energy system installations in Armenia. (Photo by Program staff, 2008)

USAID-sponsored Commercialization of Energy Efficiency
Program: Installing solar panels for a social project.
(Photo by CEEP staff, Armenia, 2007)

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