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Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management, and Renewable Energy Resources Program: Short-Term Assistance for Additional Energy Efficiency and Heat System Pilot Projects

To assure long-term results of USAID’s Armenia Energy Efficiency, Demand-Side Management and Renewable Energy Program it had previously implemented for USAID, the AEAI project team continued implementation of a new cycle of energy efficient projects (heating and electric redistribution), building on the basis of numerous projects already accomplished under the preceding USAID program of the same name. AEAI performed the following specific activities under this program:

  • Implemented several in-country demonstrations and evaluate means by which Armenia could finance the expanded application of EE technologies;

  • Monitored and evaluated the pilot projects’ performance;

  • Continued supporting local energy service industry and energy service companies (ESCOs);

  • Continued the outreach program to support sustainable and project-specific elements.

  • Helped redesign the electricity distribution network for Armenian Electrical Networks CJSC, Erebuni Branch, which cost-shared a new transformer substation, replacement with a low-power transformer, substation building repair, and renovation of supplementary equipment. 

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USAID/Armenia-sponsored Energy Efficiency, Demand-side Management and Renewable Energy Resources Program (EE-DSM-RE): Energy efficiency project.
(Photo by EE-DSM-EE program staff, Armenia, 2003)

In its 2001-2003 phase, the USAID-sponsored Armenia EE,
DSM and RE Program implemented 50 pilot projects as well
as information programs and training courses for diverse
stakeholders, to demonstrate efficient and cost-effective
heating options and project tools.
(Photo by Armenia EE, DSM, RE Program staff, Armenia,

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