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Advanced Technology Cogeneration Feasibility Study

For the International Finance Corporation-Global Environment Facility (IFC-GEF), AEAI undertook a full technical, economic and financial feasibility study for a non-conventional externally-fired combined cycle gasification (EFCC) cogeneration project using bagasse as the main fuel supplemented by eucalyptus residues at a sugar mill in São Paulo State.  The Brazilian-U.S. study team (AEAI as project manager also providing thermal engineering and policy/regulatory/financial expertise, with two Brazilian engineering firms–Chroma Engenharia and BC Projetos – and the technology developer, Hague International) considered year-round operation for a 35 MWe and 80 MWe plant (up from 1 MWe) at the mill, which produced ethanol, sugar and other products.  AEAI was responsible for legal, policy and regulatory requirements regarding this type of clean energy generation and definition of utility or third-party power purchasers for the excess power (e.g., Dupont, Goodyear), financial structure, and overall project management and reporting.  An investor letter of interest was obtained.  GE and Foster Wheeler supported the project, as well as the vendor of the proprietary EFCC technology.  Changing factors derived from the energy crisis of 2001 (emergency diesel and gas generators were purchased during the crisis and energy prices fell after the crisis ended) resulted in the project’s loss of viability.

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