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Resident Advisor to the Brazilian Renewable Energy Program for Energy Development of States and Cities (PRODEEM)

AEAI provided a Resident Advisor to PRODEEM under the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) to support implementation of a 22-item Action Plan developed for MME under IDB’s Sustainable Market for Sustainable Energy (SMSE) program. The Action Plan promoted greater sustainability for PRODEEM and its renewable energy (RE) projects by focusing on a market approach that would rely less on government resources and support. The Resident Advisor successfully promoted activities that aggregated new sources of financing, partners, models and approaches to gain significantly greater stakeholder participation and public-private sector partnerships in rural RE market development activities.

Key activities undertaken by the Resident Advisor for the USAID-sponsored assignment included: developing local market management models and market organization approaches; developing and providing market study tools for systematic information collection, analysis and dissemination of rural RE market potential; supporting a U.S.-government technology transfer initiative (TCAPP); evaluation and design of local/regional financing mechanisms for RE projects; training and capacity building for MME and other federal agencies, local government, business associations and other public and private sector stakeholders in the relevant tools, models and methodologies developed for the program; RE resource and project assessments for PV, micro hydro and biomass (including agricultural residues, palm oils, and wood/forest residues) energy technologies; the development of the first applied project monitoring methodology and associated training course for five multidisciplinary evaluation teams, deployed in four regions of the country; the creation of an inter-ministerial and public-private sector Working Group in Brasilia to collectively promote productive RE uses for rural development; a national marketing effort to disseminate the new market-oriented approach to state partners and other public and private sector partners; and other outreach activities regarding program elements for all regions of Brazil.

A two-module training program for “Regional Market Managers (RMM)” was undertaken in the Amazon region (States of Rondonia, Mato Grosso and Acre), and bidding documents to award contracts to RMMs (i.e., self-formed groups of private sector entities and partner organizations with interests in developing RE markets) in those states were prepared.  Various guidelines on RE market development were disseminated to stakeholders and data collected from the diverse states was centralized in the program’s database. The Advisor raised US$4.5 million in grants and US$4.5 million in Brazilian counterpart to implement the full program, in addition to training support from InWEnt (Germany) and in-kind support from industry organizations, state government agencies, and others.

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