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Central Asia Republics (CAR)

An Assessment for USAID/CAR on the Transboundary Water and Energy Nexus in Central Asia

Sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the goal of this assessment was to take a snapshot of the current situation and identify critical development issues that remained to be addressed and to describe a possible USAID role.  The assessment was directed at the most important elements of the transboundary water and related energy issues in the Central Asian Republics. The assessment was limited to the two main transboundary river basins (Amu Darya and Syr Darya) which feed into the Aral Sea and their associated hydropower facilities.  Salient trends affecting the future of the sector also need to be identified.  This included both positive and negative aspects (in terms of improved regional cooperation) of policy decisions and actions that effected energy trading, regional agreements, irrigation water availability, and institutional developments.  The assessment resulted in a report consisting of:

  • An overall assessment of the transboundary water and energy situation of CAR countries including policies, practices, regional institutional capabilities, trends, and planned directions.

  • An examination of the programs of:  a) USAID activities; b) other bilateral donors; and c) International Finance Institutions (IFIs) activities related to the sector; and assessment of how future USAID assistance may be implemented in cooperation with these programs given our resource constraints.

  • Recommendations to the Mission on opportunities for a package of water and energy assistance activities, that included current activities, which leveraged other donor resources, and better enabled the countries of Central Asia to achieve water and energy rationality and sustainability.

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