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Energy Capacity Initiative (ECI)

AEAI was contracted to support the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)/Georgia in the improvement of the skill levels among energy sector policy- and decision-makers inside and outside of government, as well as improving management skills in state-owned and private energy companies in the Republic of Georgia. Originally known as the “Energy Policy and Management Improvement (EPMI) project, the name of the project was later officially changed to ECI.  Tasks focused primarily on the following:

Task 1:  Improved energy policy analysis and dialogue through a grants award program for NGOs and provision of short- and medium-term training and technical assistance to government and non-government institutions;

Task 2: Increased quality of the professional workforce available for the energy sector, particularly with respect to policy issues, in government, energy companies and other stakeholders through support for a higher education program;

Task 3:  Support for the integration of Georgia into European and regional energy institutions through participation in regional workshops and conferences.

AEAI worked closely with many key counterparts, including the Ministry of Energy, the Prime Minister’s office and his Energy Commission, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Georgian National Energy Regulatory Commission; policy and advocacy NGOs, think tanks and universities; Georgian institutions of higher education; and state-owned and privately-owned energy companies. AEAI effectively managed about 20 sub-contracts and grantees during the project period, with key outcomes and accomplishments listed below:

  • Finalized grant-making manual for award selection.

  • Supported the development of a Center of Excellence for the energy and education sectors and held a series of planning meetings/workshops for the Center.

  • Provided final reports on human and institutional capacity assessments of Georgian energy sector organizations.

  • Designed and developed a website containing a brief description of the project and descriptions and updates on current activities task by task for public outreach and participation purposes.

  • Established the “Energy Online” journal through a grant, which provided outreach for technical and educational-oriented audiences in Georgia and the region.

  • Conducted labor skills gap analysis of professional and policy analysis skills.

  • Awarded three Georgian energy sector professionals with full scholarships to attend energy-related Master’s degree programs in the U.S. as a result of a merit-based scholarship program.  The recipients represented and attended:

  • Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation – attended University of Wisconsin;

  • Ministry of Energy of Georgia –  attended New York Institute of Technology;

  • Georgian State Electrosystem – attended University of Minnesota.

  • Awarded grants to four Georgian universities for development of advanced degree energy management oriented programs and concentrations, as well as scholarships to local students, with concentration on: 1) Energy Management; 2) Energy Economy; 3) Energy Demand-Side Management; and a 4) Power Industry Technology Management Master’s Degree.

  • Organized and conducted interactive workshops in business plan development, managerial problem solving and decision-making, strategic planning, project management; and practical research methods as well as a lectures in “World Energy Scenarios to 2050:  Issues and Options.” 

  • Awarded six grants in the first round of Grants Program;

  • Awarded nine grants to local energy NGO/Think-Tank/Educational Institutions in the second round of Grants Program;

  • Completed five enterprise assessments, for:
    • Electricity System Commercial Operator;
    • Georgian State Electrosystem;
    • Energo-Pro Distribution Company;
    • Georgian National Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission;
    • Ministry of Energy of Georgia.

  • Organized a detailed workshop/strategy development session on “Hydropower Investment” and pre-/post-workshop meetings with key energy sector investment stakeholders.
  • Organized a workshop for energy educators and professionals on Energy Economics, Technology, and Policy at the University of Wisconsin/Madison.

  • Planned the agenda of meetings for Government of Georgia representatives that would lead to their formal inclusion as observers to the Athens Energy Community Treaty process.

  • Supported the attendance of the Ministry of Energy and Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Committee (GNEWRC) representatives at Athens Energy Community meetings.

  • Conducted an assessment of the laws and regulations of the energy sector to support the Government of Georgia in understanding gaps between Georgian Laws and Regulations and those of the Athens Energy Community Treaty.

  • Contributed to global climate change and clean energy objectives by implementing a variety of renewable energy (i.e., geothermal) and energy efficiency projects, which achieved savings of at least 445 MWh of electricity and 275,000 metric tons of reduced emissions of carbon.

  • Helped reduce energy consumption of IDP settlement families through improved efficiency cook stoves and lighting, equivalent to 55 MW of electricity and resulting in a 50% reduction in fuel wood consumption.

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“The results achieved by ECI are extensive, sustainable and replicable... All assessments, studies, evaluations and facilities delivered by the subcontractors were of high quality and timely.”
- (USAID/Georgia, Final CPAR, The Energy Capacity Initiative/TECI, 8/11/11)

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