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Indefinite Quantity Contract for Reverse Trade Missions, Conferences, Workshops, Training, and Outreach Activities
2006-2011; and successor IQC 2011-2016

AEAI is a prime contractor for the multi-year Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) under USTDA. As such, it will compete for task orders to organize and manage USTDA’s conferences, workshops, OVs, training and outreach activities. For specific projects awarded via Task Order, conducted in the U.S. or overseas, other requirements of the IQC Contractor may include marketing the USTDA event to appropriate U.S. and foreign firms; developing the agenda and proposed participant lists; providing appropriate supporting documentation, project resource guides, publicity materials, handouts, or audiovisual materials; providing training; and conducting assessments of the event’s outcomes. This contract builds on the success of three prior AEAI IQCs for USTDA (2006-2011, 2001-2006, and 1998-2001) for Conferences, Workshops, Orientation Visits (OVs), Training and Other Events. Under the most recent IQCs, AEAI was awarded several Task Orders, including the following selected projects:

  • U.S.-China Smart Grid Dialogue (Technical Symposium), (2012-2013).
    AEAI was prime contractor to the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) to organize a technical symposium on Smart Grid topics in conjunction with co-sponsors, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and China’s National Energy Administration (NEA). The two-day “U.S.-China Smart Grid Dialogue” was held in Shenzhen, China on June 28-29, 2012. USTDA contracted AEAI to provide overall management and coordination, technical, travel and logistical support for the event; propose an agenda and speakers. USTDA also sponsored six delegates to the Dialogue through AEAI. The event was attended by 58 representatives of private sector U.S. companies and government agencies, and 92 Chinese public and private sector participants, as well as research and academic institutions. AEAI contributed to the agenda, which included plenary panel and discussion sessions on Smart Grid policy and regulatory frameworks, standardization and pricing issues, evolving and applied state-of-the-art technologies used in Smart Grids and supporting platforms, results of different approaches, models, and pilot projects, and plans for scale-up and optimization of Smart Grid potential regarding integration of renewable energy (RE), energy storage, microgrids, distributed generation, electric vehicles (EV)/EV charging, transmission and distribution grid and system management, energy savings, and demand response.  The Dialogue also included a break-out session for small group discussion of prominent themes of “Integration of RE and Storage;” “Smart Electricity Consumption: Demand Response and System Optimization;” and “Microgrids, Distributed Generation, and EV Charging.”  AEAI’s team developed and implemented technical and logistical aspects of the event together with NEA organizing officials under USTDA guidance. It drafted/issued formal correspondence, invited speakers, delegates and general participants representing U.S. technology companies, utilities, regulatory and other government agencies and several Chinese counterparts. It developed much of the substantive technical content for the Dialogue Briefing Book as well as other information, and maintained an event website.
  • Pakistan: Bagasse-based Cogeneration Development OV, (July 2009-September 2011).
    For USTDA, AEAI organized and provided technical expertise to support a two-week technical, policy, regulatory and commercial mission for Pakistani delegates from AEDB, NEPRA and 10 sugar mills with interest in 30-80 MWe bagasse-fired (supplemented by coal or other fuels) cogeneration projects selling excess power to the grid. Delegates met with representatives from the U.S. federal and state governments, financial institutions, and biomass/renewable energy and sugar industry associations as well as with relevant U.S. technology, equipment, IT, and services companies with export potential for cogeneration projects in Pakistan. AEAI’s technical team experts assisted in these discussions, organized a business briefing with U.S. industry representatives, and conducted a technical training course on cogeneration (proper turbine sizing, and economic and financial analysis of cogeneration projects).  AEAI promoted U.S. supplier interests relevant to the needs of the bagasse/biomass or bagasse/coal-fueled cogeneration projects proposed for development by the Pakistani sugar mill delegates.

  • India:  Agricultural Biotechnology (Agbiotech) Training Program, U.S. and India, (September 2006-December 2010).
    The Training Program aimed to support Indian policy makers and regulators in developing appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks for safe production, handling and commercialization of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in India. AEAI organized all program activities, centered around three main elements: 1) developing an 11-month post-graduate diploma curriculum  for the “Agricultural Biotechnology Regulations Diploma Course,” implemented through TERI University (2007-2008) and incorporating a three-week training segment in India conducted by international experts deployed by AEAI; 2) conducting three digital video conferences (DVCs); and 3) undertaking two short-term exchanges of senior Indian government officials and industry representatives to the U.S. AEAI provided technical experts and instructors, event organization, logistical and travel support, protocol requirements, and reporting on the numerous sub-activities.  It organized all meetings and exchanges; contracted and supervised expert personnel and their interaction with Indian experts for developing the course curriculum, background materials and content of other activities; coordinated travel of experts, delegates and team members to deliver the training in New Delhi, and to bring delegates from India for specialized intensive training sessions; accompanied delegations; coordinated DVCs with various agencies; interfaced with various government agencies as well as teaching universities; and provided logistics coordination, activity evaluation surveys and final evaluation workshop in India, interim and final reports, and other deliverables.
  • Central American Energy & Competitiveness Conference, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, (May 2007-August 2008).
    For USTDA, AEAI experts developed a White Paper summarizing the energy sector situation of the Dominican Republic and Central American Free Trade Agreement signatories and challenges regarding supply-demand imbalances, obstacles to new investments in alternative/conventional power projects, delivery systems and demand-side issues, presented at the Conference. AEAI experts led several panel discussions as moderators on key issues identified in the White Paper. AEAI also made arrangements for and accompanied three government officials from the Dominican Republic (two made presentations) to attend and make presentations at the conference;

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U.S. Trade and Development Agency: U.S.-China Smart Grid Dialogue, Shenzhen, China (June 28-29, 2012).
(Photo by Dougray Brand Design Co., Ltd.)

FERC Chairman Wellinghoff waiting to speak at the USTDA
co-sponsored U.S.-China Smart Grid Dialogue, Shenzhen, China.
(Photo by Dougray Brand Design Co., Ltd., June 28, 2012)

USTDA co-sponsored U.S.-China Smart Grid Dialogue: J. Zhang, United Laboratories
(Photo by Dougray Brand Design Co., Ltd.)

USTDA-sponsored U.S.-China Smart Grid Dialogue, Event Website, June 28-29, 2012, Shenzhen, China

USTDA-sponsored delegation and USTDA Regional Director
Henry Steingass at the Business Briefing venue in New
Orleans for the "Pakistan: Bagasse-based Cogeneration
Development Orientation Visit."
(Photo by Scott Myers Photography, May 2010)


USTDA-sponsored India Agricultural Biotechnology Training Program: 1st Short-Term Exchange – Delegates from India at Michigan State University for Confined Field Trials training, Lansing, MI, August 2, 2008.
(Photo by India Agbiotech Training Program staff)

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