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Preparation of Scoping Statement for Environmental Assessment for Rehabilitation and Potential for Expansion of Thermal Power Plant Kosovo B

AEAI Team members were involved in the preparation of a Scoping Statement for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)/Hungary to guide a subsequent Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) anticipated for a proposed investment project to be developed and tendered by the Government of Kosovo (GOK). The underlying GOK project entailed rehabilitation of the existing lignite-fired power generation units and possibly expansion of the Kosovo B Thermal Power Plant (TPP).  The work was expected to be applied to the ESIA for a new lignite-fired power plant, Kosovo C, which the World Bank was considering for financing.  Various other projects to improve plant performance, reduce liabilities, and privatize sector operating entities under sponsorship by USAID, the World Bank and others were inter-related and/or affected by this activity. 

The Scoping Statement deliverable provided definition for the scope and significance of direct and indirect effects of the potential rehabilitation/expansion project on the environment, including within the geographical area of influence around the plant and vis-à-vis the different technological alternatives under study, with specific reference to impacts on greenhouse gas emissions.  Following the delivery of the Scoping Statement, USAID authorized additional work and extended the TO completion date relevant to providing baseline data for the development of an ambient air monitoring plan; capacity building for staff in the Kosovo Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning; and preparation of technical specifications and procurement of ambient air monitors.

The TO again extended the work program to continue air monitoring and collect data for an ESIA, and subsequently:  a) procure additional monitoring equipment and expand the number of sites and frequency of the air monitoring sites around the Kosovo B lignite-fired power station; b) expand the Scoping Statement work to produce an Environmental Assessment compliant with USAID 216 CFR guidelines; and c) perform an environmental review of another contractor’s work supporting the KEK Network and Supply Project. A study tour in the U.S. was undertaken for HMI staff and the local consultant to increase their knowledge of ambient air quality management programs.  AEAI’s deliverables have helped to set a future course for improved environmental planning and management for USAID’s energy sector support in Kosovo.

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