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Biomass Cogeneration Feasibility Study at Bulleh Shah Paper Mill

AEAI was contracted by Packages Limited, a recipient of a USTDA grant, to determine the technical, economic and financial feasibility of a biomass-fired cogeneration plant at Packages Ltd.’s Bulleh Shah paper mill in Kasur (near Lahore).  The AEAI Team evaluated all feasible biomass and waste fuels available within a 300-kilometer radius of the mill, including the mill’s own waste streams and sludge, as well as agricultural wastes available in the region such as rice straw and hulls, corn cobs and stover (husks), wheat stalks and other crop residues.

The multidisciplinary AEAI Team performed: 

1) technical assessments, including:  existing plant systems and capacity; the mill’s current and projected demand for steam and electricity; biomass fuel availability, collection/transportation methods, and costs; appropriate combustion technology; performance analyses; environmental and social impacts; developmental impacts; calculations for reduction in greenhouse gases and potential Clean Development Mechanism credits; tariff and pricing issues; interconnection requirements, and overall sector policy and regulatory context;

2) economic assessments, including:  equipment, operation and maintenance, fuel, regulatory, capital and other cost estimates; and

3) detailed financial analysis of proposed options, incorporating:  targeted rate-of-return, risk analyses, sensitivity analyses, cost estimates and pricing of inputs and outputs. 

The study team worked with the client to select the best technical configuration for a ~40 MWe cogeneration project, based primarily on agricultural wastes mostly available within a 100-kilometer radius of the plant.  For the project, with an estimated investment requirement of US$86 million, the team identified U.S. companies capable of providing about 50% of the equipment and services.  The study team also proposed a financial plan and debt structure, main potential debt and equity holders; evaluated financial institution requirements under the proposed plan; and confirmed the eligibility of the project to apply for carbon financing.  AEAI developed preliminary bidding documents for Packages’ international procurement needs for the project; and provided a series of reports documenting the approach, methodology and results of the various assessments and other sub-products for the client (Packages Ltd) and for USTDA, including its recommendations.  Packages Ltd. subsequently proceeded with the implementation of the recommended project.

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