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Energy Policy Program (EPP)

Sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Energy Policy Program (EPP) provides technical assistance and expertise to help the Government of Pakistan (GOP) advance its reform agenda to increase the energy sector’s financial viability through a combination of improved cost recovery, increased power generating capacity, and a decrease in transmission network losses. The support is targeted to alleviate priority policy issues including: reduction in mounting circular debt, insufficient supply of affordable electricity, inefficient power sector operations and excessive sector energy losses, poor governance and management of public energy sector entities, and excessive peak demand in summer.

USAID/Pakistan-sponsored Energy Policy Program (EPP): 40MVA transformer under repair at Heavy Electric Complex, Hattar.
(Photo by EPP staff, Pakistan, 2013)

In the pursuit of these goals – included in the U.S. Government’s Energy Strategy for Pakistan – the EPP work focuses on supporting power generation, power transmission, and related fuel supply infrastructure and policy related activities as selected by USAID.  AEAI personnel manage three distinct but closely related sets of project activities: a) monitoring and direct support of Pakistani counterpart management of implementation of six approved and funded Signature Energy Projects and Activities; b) advising and providing direct support to the Ministry of Water and Power (MWP), Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources(MPNR), Ministry of Finance, and the Planning Commission (PC) in the implementation of the Energy Sector Reform, and open and transparent procurement processes; and c) due diligence of new projects being considered for USG support and the development of agreement documentation for announced new projects.

USAID/Pakistan-sponsored Energy Policy Program:
Trainees working on 132-kV lines during the practical part
of a live-line training course.
(Photo by EPP staff, Pakistan, 2013)

It is expected that by Program end around 1,560 MW of additional generating capacity will be available from a combination of new hydroelectric generation, rehabilitation of existing thermal and hydroelectric generation plants, improvements in transmission and distribution systems, and from power imports. This will result in a reduction in the circular debt of some $240 million as well as positively impacting the economy by around $233 million annually.  To date, the Program has achieved the following:

  • Leveraged $150 million G2G funding for rehab of Mangla hydropower plant.

  • Leveraged $136.7 million G2G funding for repair and rehabilitation of GENCOs and Tarbela dam, and completion of Gomal Zam and Satpara multipurpose dam.

  • Restored 779 MW of generation to existing GENCOs & hydro plants.

  • Increased access to 12.39 million individuals form access to the additional generation.

  • Irrigated 15,500 acres of land in the remote areas of Gilgit-Baltistan.

For more information about Energy Policy Program (EPP) please visit

USAID/Pakistan-sponsored Energy Policy Program: Repairs undertaken at Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station.
(Photo by EPP staff, Pakistan, 2013)

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"EPP has employed world class domestic and international work force. Many of the locally engaged employees have headed different GOP energy sector entities, as a result EPP is able to implement reforms effectively.”
- USAID/Pakistan, Interim CPAR, Energy Policy Program, 3/18/2013

USAID's Energy Policy Program (EPP) - Click to enlarge
USAID's Energy Policy Program
Click to enlarge (PDF)

Group photograph of participants of PSSE training.
(Photo by EPP staff, Pakistan 2013)

USAID/Pakistan-sponsored Energy Policy
Program: Gomal Zam Dam Spillway.
(Photo by EPP staff, South
Waziristan, FATA, March 2013)

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