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Sao Tome e Principe

Government and Resource Management Capacity Building, Phase I and Phase II

The Government of Sao Tome & Principe (ST&P) established the National Petroleum Agency (Agencia Nacional de Petroleos, ANP) to regulate Sao Tome & Principe’s emerging petroleum industry in 2006.  This U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-supported assignment provided senior level advisory services to the ANP to ensure its sound development.  The advisor’s primary responsibility was to assess and develop the capacity of the ANP staff, support the development of their projects, and generally to serve as a coach and mentor.  The project required the technical advisor to make several short-term trips to Sao Tome & Principe on a yearly basis and to be available to provide technical assistance for particular studies or projects when requested.

AEAI provided a senior level international technical advisor to guide the development of the ANP soon after the agency’s establishment, who remained in this position (in-country for weeks at a time) until the assignment was concluded in 2010. The Advisor generally worked with ANP staff in evaluating and participating in:  institutional organization and capacity building issues; proposed regulations and regulatory practices; and studies and technical assessments of different aspects of the oil and gas sectors defined by ANP staff.  He offered advice aimed at His experience as a petroleum geologist, engineer, and advisor to petroleum sector regulators in other countries served to optimize effective development for the petroleum industry in ST&P and help ANP achieve its objectives for the sector using sound management and commercial principles.  The Advisor specifically assisted ANP with:  a) an offshore licensing process and its transparent and proper conduct and operation; b) planning for ANP’s use of remaining funds under the petroleum component of the World Bank’s technical assistance (TA) project for institutional strengthening, and capacity building to mitigate poor processes and malfeasant behavior; c) inception of the proposed new Norwegian-funded TA, and continuation of the institutional strengthening process as the ST&P petroleum sector matured and actively undertook exploration in the Economic Exclusive Zone of ST&P; d) reinforcement of the ethos to have a soundly run and technically competent ANP to help substantially mitigate corruption in the petroleum industry and distribute benefits for the good of ST&P’s people; and e) an assessment of the sector’s future needs, with recommendations and associated advice.

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