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South Africa

South Africa Remote Meter Reading and Data Management for the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council

This U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-sponsored assignment provided support to the publicly-owned electric power utility serving the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan area in South Africa, to improve its financial performance and operating efficiency, while providing better service to its customers through the implementation of an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System. The application of the AMR to the utility’s 5000 “Large Power” class of electricity customers was expected to help stabilize the revenues of the utility through accurate metering of the customers, timely reading of meters for customer billing, and integration of the customer’s metering data with the revenue collection and management of individual customer’s needs in a modern information management system. The utility is owned by the City of Johannesburg, represented by the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council (GJMC). GJMC requires that public utilities be fully self-sustaining, based on their revenues from customers. The city’s electricity utility was not a sustainable enterprise at the time, which is what the AMR and updated management systems intended to address.

AEAI’s team of utility engineers and efficiency experts conducted an assessment of remote meter reading system issues and data management needs for the utility. The team then assisted GJMC in the design and performance specifications of an AMR system, comprising metering and communication equipment, as well as a data and revenue management system. The team prepared the preliminary tender report and short listing; conducted bid clarification meetings and site visits with the interested parties; and prepared a detailed tender document reflecting GJMC’s objectives and requirements. The AEAI team also developed the final tender evaluation report including the final tender selection.

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