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Syrian Energy Conservation and Planning Project

For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), AEAI was asked to conduct a Program Evaluation of Arab States Regional Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs. AEAI conducted the evaluation of three-year UNDP program in 14 countries to develop markets for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. In-country work was conducted in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Syria with local counterparts assisting in other nations. Evaluations included assessment of administrative and technical aspects, information campaigns, policy recommendations, demonstration projects, environmental impacts and program results.  UNDP designed additional regional programs based on the recommendations in the evaluation. The output was an evaluation and presentation conducted at UN headquarters. Counterparts requested follow on to recommendations provided by AEAI.

AEAI worked with the United Nations and the World Bank in Syria and Egypt to promote energy sector reform through country-by-country "Energy Efficiency Improvement and Greenhouse Gas Reduction" programs. These programs targeted 1) capacity building for key decision makers in government and energy sector; 2) public awareness and information campaigns for industry, commercial enterprises and individuals; and 3) promotion of production of energy efficiency equipment and materials. The project’s primary objective was to improve demand-side energy through the creation of one or more multi-purpose Syrian Energy Services Center(s) (SECS) and a National Energy Efficiency Program (NEEP). Working with the UNDP’s local project office and Syria’s Ministry of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing and Construction, and Ministry of Information, AEAI helped to achieve a national strategy for technical, financial and informational improvements in how energy sources are identified, developed and used. It helped to develop three testing centers for appliances and equipment and a draft set of appliance energy efficiency standards that made way for labels for refrigerators and air conditioners as well as industrial equipment and products. AEAI conducted nation-wide “road shows” with ministry and staff experts for local government, community members, fire and police officials, schools and universities in addition to channeling information via television, radio and newspapers.  It also helped to develop non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the energy field, which were then very new in Syria.  AEAI worked to strengthen institutional capacity of the Ministry of Electricity to implement long-term, sound energy measures with measurable, documented impact on the economic, environmental and social well-being. Activities included: technology assessments, pilot projects, design of a revolving fund, a public outreach and awareness campaign, and training of local energy service companies. AEAI shared lessons learned and best practices in energy efficiency, including load research, demand side management, regulatory reform, standards and labeling, energy management and audits, tariff and pricing strategies.

In Egypt, for UNDP, AEAI conducted an unprecedented assessment of the legal framework under which cogeneration was developed. This work was based on AEAI’s earlier assistance to EEA to establish a “Small Power Unit.” AEAI also organized the “Egyptian Power Officials’ Study Tour to Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Aswan” as part of this task. 

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