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AEAI has provided a wide range of services in the energy sector (See Snapshot) in hundreds of successful assignments, earning appreciation from key stakeholders (Afghanistan HICB) and high praise from clients in performance reviews. AEAI services in the power and energy (coal, oil and gas) sectors encompass: 

Clean Energy in Brazil

AEAI supported an NGO which executed integrated development projects in Brazil sponsored by various international and Brazilian donors to promote sustainable renewable energy markets in rural regions, emphasizing productive uses of energy.

PV systems in Nobres-MT, Brazil: after increasing crop
yields and income through PV-powered pumps for
irrigation, the farmer's house is electrified, with many other benefits.

Renewable energy systems provide the means to pump water needed to increase crop and livestock yields, especially in dry seasons. The energy systems, along with technical assistance, training, and project monitoring, contribute to increased family income, local jobs, and social stability for small farmers in rural areas without electric grid connection.

Mobilizing and organizing rural communities and local partners to proactively enable adoption of better production techniques and practices, and more effective commercialization of products, were steps undertaken at the outset of the NGO's projects.

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Energy efficient systemsAEAI has successfully promoted the adoption of energy efficient systems, such as this high efficiency space heating system (Photo) converted from electricity to natural gas in Armenia as a demonstration project, with equipment installed by an Armenian ESCO. Other measures to reduce costs were also promoted by this USAID-sponsored project.

USAID-sponsored Armenia Energy Efficiency, Demand-side Management, and Renewable Energy (EE, DSM, & RE) Program, Armenia, 2003. (Photo by Program Staff)

AEAI Snapshot of Typical Services Provided

Slum Electrification
Analysis, best practices: (Global) Philippines, India, S. Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic.

Renewable Energy
Market development, financing, program design & implementation,rural energy, urban applications, technology transfer, capacity-building: Brazil, Armenia, Global assessments, Middle East.

Power Sector Generation, Transmission, Distribution
Generation/cogeneration/district heating plant & system design/upgrades; policies, legal & regulatory framework reforms; privatization; financing; pricing structures; post-disaster reconstruction: Argentina, Brazil, D. Republic, Central America/Caribbean, S. Africa, Central/Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Indonesia.

Energy Efficiency
Market development, policy reforms, financing, EMS, utility management, weatherization, assessments, audits, program development & implementation, ESCOs, institutional capacity building, information centers: Armenia, Bulgaria, CIS, Mongolia, Middle East.

Environment, Climate Change, Carbon Credits
Climate change policies, impacts, carbon credit programs, environmental assessments; remediation, emissions testing, monitoring programs: USA, Brazil, Global.

Coal, Natural Gas, LNG, Oil Refineries; Petrochemicals; Hydrocarbon Processing Industries
Fuel assessments, pricing, planning, policies, programmatic development, other infrastructure assessments: Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, Central Asia, Indonesia, S. Balkan countries.


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